My BEST 3 Restaurant in Japan

My BEST 3 Restaurant in Japan

I want to go early on a trip.

I know you also want to travel, right?

So today I would like to introduce some of the recommended spots in Japan.

I’ve been in Japan for 27 years, so I think I gave you some good information, but I’m not good at English, but please forgive me( ´ ▽ ` )

You surely know sightseeing spots such as Asakusa, Kyoto and Hokkaido. Because there are so many guidebooks.

So this time I’ll introduce restaurant.

However, I am 27 years , I do not have much money.
So I would like to introduce some recommended shops and chain stores that Japanese people love.

Some people make fools of chain stores, but they are chain stores because they are cheap and popular.

My Best 3!!!


Can you believe it?
400 yen will fill your stomach.

Do you know Gyudon?

It’s meat on rice.

There may be more gyudon restaurants in Japan than McDonald’s.
Gyudon is so popular in Japan.

Many places are open 24 hours a day, so I recommend it early in the morning or late at night.

The cost is about 400 yen


If you want to eat Japanese food, I recommend Aiya.

You can eat tempura, sashimi, small bowls, and various Japanese food little by little.

I go to Ayuya for a small reward, such as after my work is successful.

The number of shops is a little small, but I recommend that you visit if there is one nearby.

The cost is about 1500 yen


This is an Italian restaurant.

You might think, “I don’t eat Italian in Japan.”

But I don’t think there is a restaurant in the world where you can eat such delicious Italian food at such low prices.

My favorite is wine. You can drink 1.5L of wine for 1000 yen.

The cost is about 1000 yen without wine.
The cost is about 2000 yen with wine

Thank you for watching until the end. If you want more information, I would like to introduce recommended restaurants such as sushi, takoyaki, and shabu-shabu.